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Stella Stevenson was born into a musical family and began studying classical voice as a young child and grew up listening to vinyl recordings of Nat King Cole, Nelson Riddle, Tony Bennett and even Sade. It was eighteen years ago when Stella would gain a deep appreciation for the jazz genre when she moved from her small town to Columbus, Ohio. Dedicated to learning the craft of jazz vocals, Stella self taught and immersed herself in the music of our history's greatest female jazz vocalists.

Stella's education and family priorities would take her in a different direction professionally. However, Stella continued to work on her craft while balancing a corporate career and raising three children (one with special needs). Stella would periodically perform at private events and jazz jam sessions. Now that the children are more independent, Stella has integrated more music into her life again, performing at local venues. Stella has been inspired by the positive impact of music and has seen first hand how it can heal a person's spirit and this is precisely the reason Stella continues to sing. 

Stella's sultry vocal range and timbre is often compared to Sarah Vaughan, and Rosemary Clooney and she always brings to the stage a deep connection to the jazz compositions. This feeling transcends to the audience, leaving the observer truly engaged and captivated.  Stella is available to perform at diverse engagements and events as a duo (with piano or guitar) or in a large combo (piano, bass, drums and horns). Please submit an email to inquire on availability. 

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